Davison + Moore COVID-19 Protocol

April 3, 2020

In response to Federal, State, and Local Government recommendations, Davison & Moore has prepared the following guidelines for adherence by all team members, both in the office and in the field.

1.     All Davison & Moore employees, except for essential positions, to be working from home.  No non-essential deliveries by any vendors.  Essential deliveries shall be routed only through warehouse.  Employees only allowed within office area. Maintain a minimum 6’ distance from others.

2.     Management to maintain regular communication with material suppliers to identify early signs of possible disruptions as a result of COVID-19 and communicate to General Contractors and Customers.

3.     All installers working on job sites must maintain General Contractor/Customer Protocols at all times, including sign-ins, reporting, hygiene practices, and submitting to health screenings if requested.

4.     All installers working on job sites to maintain min. 6’ social distancing from one another and other trades, both during work and at breaks.

5.     All installers to be furnished with proper PPE (gloves, protective eye wear, and masks as made available).

6.     All installers to sanitize tools at the beginning and end of each shift and use only their own tools.  Cleaning of their own work area at the end of each shift is mandatory.

7.     All installers to follow proper protocol with hand washing and sanitizing.

8.     Any installers not feeling well or having any symptoms must remain at home, except to get medical care.  Any installers on the job site who suspect they are not well must leave immediately and notify management who will report immediately to the responsible parties.  Worker may not return to the job site until cleared in writing by a healthcare professional.

9.     Any workers with a confirmed or suspected infection in their household must notify management and remain at home.  Management will notify General Contractor/Customer if worker was recently on an active job site.  Worker must not return until cleared in writing by a healthcare professional.

10. Everyone is responsible to report any and all non-compliant behavior or any circumstances deemed unsafe to the superintendent immediately and to office management.

11. Management to monitor CDC, Federal, State, and Local guidelines and relay information to all field personnel on a regular basis.

Updated 4/2/2020

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