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Providing the expertise and service your project demands

We're here to help in whatever capacity your project requires. Sometimes, that means accurate and reliable information on estimates or budgets. Perhaps it's assistance with product selection, making certain that the flooring you specify meets the design and performance requirements of your specific project. Or, you simply need exceptional and reliable installation for your project, backed by a company dedicated to customer success. Whatever your particular needs are, we want to be your complete flooring resource.

Strategic Partnerships

At Davison + Moore, we understand the importance of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and partners. We are not interested in business models that tend to be transactional, one-and-done opportunities. That's not how we opperate. We know we can only achieve long-term, lasting, and sustainable success, by building real partnerships. These connections, built on trust, maintained with hard work and honesty, drive our business today and will carry us forward in the years to come.

Market Segments

The demands and challenges our clients face and the needs and priorities they have are as unique as the industries they represent. It's our job to cater to each client and tailor solutions specific to their workplace.


An inspiring space is one that attracts talent and drives productivity. Flooring connects people, fosters collaboration, interaction, and can hint at purpose. Corporate footprints have changed drastically post-pandemic. Finding ways to reduce space and increase efficiency are key and can help any company's bottom line. Understanding our corporate client's needs is the first step to delivering the right flooring solution for their space.


The healthcare market is incredibly specialized and emerging trends are of vital importance. It's clear that design contributes significantly to health outcomes. Modular solutions offer flexibility and are more easily adaptable in a fast changing environment. The right design and finish can promote efficiency and safety. How a product looks and feels to a patient, how it caters to the needs of doctors, nurses, and staff, can all play an integral part in the experience and overall outcome in this fast growing industry.

Religious Institutions

Inspiring, healing, illuminating, and building connections and meaning within the community. Our faith-based clients provide real change and impact to the world we live in. Finding and creating flooring solutions that capture the unique needs of these spaces is all about collaboration. With limited resources, it's vital to provide materials that will add beauty but will also endure.


Considerations of branding and appeal are important to all our clients, particularly those in retail. How our flooring fits with the lighting, furnishings, layout, and merchandise of the store is as important as how it will be received by the customer who walks in. Finding materials that promote comfort and interaction are as important as convenience in this challenging segment.


Customer experience is the name of the game. Managing this experience from start to finish in a space that evokes emotion and connection requires expertise. Imaginative and personalized spaces that comfort, relax, accommodate, and inspire will attract new guests and welcome back old friends.

Government & Education

These are really two different segments with common ground. This intersection of learning environments and spaces that are engaging and dynamic, both have a purpose of serving the community. They both share issues of efficiency, durability, and value. Although budget may be an immovable reality, they require creative and resilient solutions that are flexible and sustainable.

Affiliated Organizations


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