Why We Care

Our real Mission (flooring isn't really our life!)

While we are passionate about flooring, we see our real value above the floor - in the individuals who are treading on our products every day.  Whether your track is through an office building hallway, down the aisle of a church, or through the hallowed halls of a university, our goal is to provide you with a solid footing for the rest of your life.

With a combined 31 kids and grandkids between us all, our vision is toward the future (and paying for college!).  Creating a company and environment focused on integrity and long-term customer satisfaction is our primary concern.  Let us show you what real customer service is all about.  We look forward to sharing our business philosophy with our partners, customers, vendors, and anyone else who walks through our doors.  

Let us know how Davison + Moore can make an impact on your life:

  • Employment - we are eager to add great people to our team at Davison + Moore. Please submit your resume to our office or email Melissa.

  • Vendors - you wont want to miss out on prime real estate in our new resource center! Please email Brian or Mike to secure your spot.

  • Customers - you haven't seen commercial flooring until you have experienced it Davison + Moore style. If you haven't already, please reach out to Brian or Mike via email or phone - they look forward to introducing you to a new way of doing business.

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